Monday, March 2, 2009

Pub Grub

I thoroughly enjoy eating at Irish/British/Scottish pubs - so much so that I am willing to add a superfluous adverb to my sentence. While the typical "pub grub" menu is very limited, I find it increasingly difficult to decide on a meal. Fish and chips are always delicious - you can't ever go wrong with fish and chips. But the same is true for sheperd's pie. Bangers and mash are also outstanding. Chicken pot pies are fantastic as well, even with all the vegetables.

As such, I have an incredibly difficult time deciding what to order. Couple this with the rarity of eating at a pub and I have a near brain meltdown with respect to choosing a meal. Life would be much easier if Kassie would just agree to eat at the Irish pub everytime we went out to eat.


  1. I agree with that, poor guy.

  2. John I have one thing to say...."The Big Bang Theory".....You know the kettle is black!!!!

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